Things I Believe In.
Some Personal Reflections on Love by Sally Ann Risser

I believe that love is only total when we can escape ourselves, our fears, our resistances, our natural compulsion to hide and play it safe. It is when and only when we set that all aside and lay emotionally bare and vulnerable to our partner that we experience all that is possible in love.

I believe that we are never really "there" when it comes to being a lover. Learning to love is an ongoing process of slipping, searching for and again regaining our balance. It is only through our sheer determination to keep getting up, that we experience what equals a beautiful life with another.

I believe that what we expect to get from our partner is most often what we receive.

I believe that personal responsibility is the number one ingredient in giving and being open to receiving love.

I believe that the powers of masculine and feminine are much stronger than society would lead us to believe. As a society, we have pushed down our true natures, thinking that if we somehow surrender to them we do not believe in equality. A feminine woman often aches for the strong rapture of a loving, masculine man; yet feels the need to deny this soul deep desire, because it is not now considered "politically correct". A masculine man longs to step into his natural masculine nature; to sweep his woman off her feet and take her, body, heart and soul. Yet fears stop him. How sad. Can we figure out a way to have both; equality and rapture/surrender? I believe the answer is yes, but it takes two brave people who are both willing to step into and claim their true power.

I believe that while the feminist movement is a wonderful thing and has done much to help women progress in society, it has also done much to cause confusion about our own masculine and feminine nature.

I do not believe that love is blind. I believe that love see's clearly. It is fear that blinds us.

I believe a couple should never turn each other away. Open, open, open. That is the way to love another. Sex is not a pawn. Intimacy is not a pawn. I believe they are gifts we give to the one we love; a lifelong commitment to be there; body and soul. So you don't feel like it? You are angry tonight? You have a headache? If you turn away physically or emotionally, what do you gain? If you open yourself, really open yourself, even if you don't feel like it, even if you are angry, even if you have a headache, you have nurtured your love. Now that is something to gain!

I believe that the most crucial element in finding true love is first learning how to BE true love.

I believe that a man can make love to his woman, anywhere and anytime in less than a minute; by fearlessly locking her gaze and not letting go until he draws in her spirit. Oh my...just give it a try guys!

I believe that all of the relationship advice in the world can't do as much for a couple as two minutes of gazing deeply into each others eyes.

I believe that our past relationships are lessons. Learning from our mistakes is a priceless gift.


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