Client Testimonials---

The following are comments from a few of my amazing couples. Am I lucky or what!?

We truly appreciated working with Sally to create and then enjoy the most meaningful ceremony of our lifetime. Sally provided us with creative solutions from her collection of experiences performing marriages across many religions and in many settings. We were able to custom fit our personalities into the ceremony and modify our wedding poems, songs, and text to our choosing. Her suggestions as to the order and timing of each program section was spot on - allowing for better transitions. She accommodated our desires willingly and with such peace, making this a smooth process to manage during a time of heightened event-planning stress.

The Process:

We truly appreciated working with Sally to create and then enjoy the most meaningful ceremony of our lifetime. Sally provided us with creative solutions from her collection of experiences performing marriages across many religions and in many settings. We were able to custom fit our personalities into the ceremony and modify our wedding poems, songs, and text to our choosing. Her suggestions as to the order and timing of each program section was spot on - allowing for better transitions. She accommodated our desires willingly and with such peace, making this a smooth process to manage during a time of heightened event-planning stress.


The Ceremony:

Sally had just the right qualities we wanted in an officiant. She spoke clearly, lovingly and with great sincerity. Even though we added new material at the last moment, her delivery was flawless and inspirational. Afterward people were asking, "Who was your minister? Where did you find her? She was great!"

Thank you so much Sally!


Earl and Nancy Stoddard


Dear Sally,

We can't thank you enough for helping us create such a beautiful ceremony. It was obvious to everyone in attendence that you love what you do! Although we looked for a short time, in no time at all you stood out from the others. You asked me how you can improve your service. Honestly I really don't see how you possibly could. Thank you again for your advice and guidance in making this day one we will always treasure. We will pass pictures along as soon as we get them back. We will certainly pass your information on.

We'll remember you always Sally.

Your new friends;

Chris & Angie Painter



OK, I admit it, I’m a shopper. But then again I only plan on having one wedding in my life and I have always felt that the right officiant makes all the difference in a wedding ceremony. So exactly 18 months before my wedding I began to shop the pool of available Michigan officiants. And let me tell you it was quite an experience! Somehow many seemed rather …...... well………… odd; from those hell bent on pushing their religious agenda, to those who seem to have stopped short of graduating from middle school, to those who prefer to perform weddings dressed as a deceased 50’s rock star. Each time I had a meeting with one I walked away saying “What on Earth????” And then came Sally. “How did she get in this pool?” Professional, articulate, light hearted, educated and absolutely bubbling over with enthusiasm for her job. You can guess who I selected. Sally is, in this humble bride’s opinion the Tiffany Diamond of wedding officiants!

Julia Johnson



Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for writing our beautiful ceremony for us. You have been such a pleasure to work with. Thanks again!!


Mr and Mrs Joseph Belanger




I felt crazy on my wedding day. You were calm and guided us through the entire thing. Also you took the time to walk us through signing the papers and explaining all we needed to do. You never rushed anyone. Our experience of working with you was wonderful and we can't think of anything we woud have changed about it! You were a wonderful component to our wedding. Your soft spoken words were so memorable, not only to us, but many people remarked how wonderful they thought you were. We will recommend you to anyone looking for a wonderful officiant.

Deb and Phil Magee




I loved the ceremony as soon as I saw it. Even though we did not select your "custom ceremony" it was everything Jason and I wanted for our wedding; absolutely full of love. We were able to pick our own vows and ring exchanges to really personalize it.

On the day of the wedding, you lovingly led us through the process so we knew exactly what to expect and to do. The ceremony was beautiful and exactly what we wanted.

At the reception everyone commented on how beautiful the ceremony was and what a good job Sally did. They asked how we found you and were deeply impressed. Jason and I couldn't have asked for a better officiant, or ceremony.

Thank you!

Sarah and Jason Bedore



Dear Sally;

Thank you so much for making our day so special. Although we don't have any other weddings to base our opinions on, we thought our ceremony was great. We also truly appreciated how patient you were when things were getting started and were very hectic. The ceremony was well thought out and very well delivered. I cant think of anything negative to say. Everything went great! You conducted yourself in a very professional manner and the whole ceremony; it's delivery as well as its content were truly beautiful!

Thank you Sally. You will be remembered.


Patrick Beard


Reasonable pricing, beautiful and unique ceremony content, flawless delivery and deep sincerity. What more could a bride ask for? Sally you are a true professional and a delight to work with!

Thank you so much.

(The new) Mrs Elizabeth Black!


Oh Sally;

You were soooooo patient and kind while all of the chaos was going on before the ceremony! Your pricing was perfect, the ceremony was perfect, your delivery was perfect. I can't think of a single thing that wasn't fantastic!


Thomas and Kristina Shinkle


Dear Sally,

David and I wish to thank you so very much for officiating our wedding. You helped us find the perfect ceremony to express our love for each other. Your help leading up to the wedding was a huge organizational relief for me. Probably most importantly, you helped us get through our big day with beautiful memories and without stress or catastrophes. We would never have found the right ceremony without your assistance. David had very strong opinions about certain parts of the wedding: no poetry, readings, or formal processional. I was petrified of anything too sappy, and neither of us is religious. On the other hand, there were whole chunks of the ceremony that we knew we wanted, such as vows and rings, but had no idea what the content or form should be. I can still remember sitting down with you in our half-packed-to-move living room and how patient you were with both our strong opinions and cluelessness. It was wonderful to be provided with a selection of possible opening statements, vows, ring exchange passages and conclusions and being able to pick and choose. Even better, you were flexible and allowed us to customize as much as we wanted! We came away that evening with the exact ceremony we wanted, even though earlier in the night we were unable to articulate and express that ceremony to you. You were able to pick our brains enough to guide us towards the perfect ceremony.

Once we had a ceremony created with you, you took a huge weight off our shoulders. Because I was coming up to the final days of attaining my PhD, while at the same time planning my wedding, the days were a whirlwind. We planned and executed the entire wedding, including out of town guests, reception, an apartment move, etc in less than three weeks. Needless to say, it was a disorganized and stressful time. Your calm and presence from the day we set the ceremony to the actual wedding day was a huge help. You took the legal paperwork with you, thus removing the possibility that we pack it in a box and loose it. You remotely wrote out the entire ceremony and made it available for checking, thereby providing us with a tangible memory in the form of a document with the exact ceremony words and steps in it. You also helped remind us of details such as ‘please ask someone to be your best man and let me know who it is’. It seems ridiculous that we might forget to ask our friends to stand with us, but as we discovered, getting married is a huge organizational affair and it can happen. Thank you for helping us check our list.

Just as important, to me, as creating the dream ceremony, was making it come true. We definitely put obstacles in your path that day. David forgot to tell you his best man’s name. You quite graciously introduced yourself and included him in the ceremony. Also, while we described to you in general terms the spot in the park where we wanted to get married, we forgot to actually show it to you, or tell you how to get there. Somehow you found it, and when we arrived you were there, smiling and ready to go. Finally, while we adamantly wanted a British-style wedding in which there is no formal processional with bridesmaids and such, my entire family did their own impromptu formal processional. You took it in stride and just rolled with the punches. For that, I am incredibly grateful. Between the wedding pictures that are beginning to roll in, and the documents you provided us with to complete our ceremony, we have the perfect set of memory aids. Thanks to you and all your help and patience, those memories are all good ones. Thank you so much.

Adriane P. Chapman
Ann Arbor, MI

Dear Sally,

It was such a pleasure to have you with us on such a special day in our lives. Your joy too was evident throughout the ceremony, and we are deeply grateful for that! We have yet to see pictures of the ceremony from the photographers, but when we do we'll be sure to pass them along! Thank you for the good luck wishes on our second ceremony! We've hardly stopped to come down from the first!

All our best and warmest regards,

Marjorie & Chandan

Dear Sally;

Brian and I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you we are back from our honeymoon and doing well. Sally, we will always remember you and all you have done for us. The wedding ceremony was amazing. I am so glad you had tissues! The wedding may be over but we are both hoping our friendship with you will last a lifetime. We’re deeply grateful for the way you worked with us this past year. I was so frightened by the intense emotions I was experiencing around becoming a wife! Yikes! But you helped us see that this was all a normal part of the process. Who would have ever thought something so beautiful could also be so scary? Your guidance, patience and love drew us closer and your wisdom helped bring us to this day. We are truly in love. While we don’t feel the need to call on your coaching services at this point in time, we realize that relationships have their ups and downs. If we ever again feel the need for someone to help us see things clearly, we will be knocking at your door! Again thank you and God bless.


Monica and Brian

Dearest Sally,

We consider ourselves truly blessed to have found you at the very last moment. Every conversation was like planning the elopement with my closest friend. You were right on the ball with vows and a complete intimate ceremony that perfectly reflected who we are as a couple and a family. You were kind and patient with our toddlers whenever they ran off in the ceremony! You have such a unique sincerity, rarely found today, that made us sure we had chosen....completely by chance....the one perfect person to officiate our wedding. We will most definitely keep in touch and keep you on our guest list for the future celebration! I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone wishing for the most memorable and lovely everything.


Kevin and Stefanie Spezia

Sally made me and my fiancee feel comfortable from our first meeting. She took the time to get to know us and really listen to our feelings and ideas about our ceremony. When we were stuck coming up with words or ideas she was a wealth of great suggestions. She was professional and genuinely caring through the whole process. She made our wedding the ceremony I had envisioned. We really appreciate everything she did for us. The ceremony was beautiful! Thanks Sally!

Lisa Dietz
Chicago, IL


Please accept our sincere thanks for all of your help in officiating our wedding. This was a memorable day for us and thanks to you everything was exactly how we imagined it would be. Our day was truly perfect! Your services were professional in every way. You made us feel comfortable before the wedding that everything would be taken care of. The day of the wedding, you actually showed up early! (as promised) and were prepared for every possible circumstance, right down to tissues for the tears! It was wonderful knowing that we never had to worry. We will be happy to refer your services to other couples who are holding a wedding in Southeastern Michigan.

Matthew and Leslie Michaels

Dear Sally;

Thank you so very much for making our day all we have dreamed it would be. We appreciate that you were so open-minded about our wishes to have a secular wedding ceremony. My best friend's wedding officiant promised to honor their wishes about performing a non-religious wedding ceremony, but then she slipped in the prayers and a biblical reading without even letting them know ahead of time that she was going to do so. They were very upset because if you're asking for a nonreligious ceremony, you're asking for a non-religious ceremony. I just didn't want to go through the same thing. But you were great! I feel like you understood us. Thanks for being so respectful of who we are.

Jamie and Rob

Hello there our new friend Sally;

Sally we both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have meant to us through our wedding process. Not only did we hold our small intimate ceremony right in your beautiful living room, you also greeted our guests, put on wedding music, lit candles and even helped me get dressed! You treated our wedding as if it were the most important event in the entire world. And of course to us it was! Our simple ceremony was meaningful, romantic and fun! You have a great style and personality and you also have a wonderful family. (Please thank Rob for taking pictures for us will you?) Thanks for being there Sally; really being there, for our special day. We will keep you posted on all of our lives major events and hope you will do the same!

With Love and Gratitude
Mr and Mrs Brad and Mindy Beckman

Sally Ann;

Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so perfect. Your calm relaxed personality and the love that shines from you set the tone and made us feel relaxed and comfortable. We'll refer you often and with true enthusiasm!”


Nancy and Alan Brown

Dear Sally;

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so beautiful and memorable! The ceremony was personal to us, which was so important, but you also made it memorable for everyone else! We got so many compliments on how wonderful it was!! On top of that, although it was certainly not our main concern, your pricing was very reasonable and competitive. Everything from the customization of the ceremony to your words to us before the wedding ceremony and your ability to be professional, yet so personal was amazing. You helped us to make a day we will remember forever so special and we will always remember you! Thanks so much again. We will recommend you to all of our friends!

Savannah and Pat Ott

Hi Sally,

Here are our selections for the wedding ceremony! I am not to sure about what poem my cousin is going to read, I will let you know as soon as possible! I am so excited and it was so much fun reading and picking our selections. I like that I had many options and that I didn't have to write it myself. Thanks for making it so easy!

Liz Gorham and Joe Belanger