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Top Ten Ways to RUIN Your Wedding

10) NOT using music during the ceremony.

Music during a ceremony helps set the mood for the special moment. Before the bridal party enters, the guests tend to laugh and talk among themselves. This is especially true with weddings that are not held in a church. If there is no music that signifies that the special event is ready to begin, the guests will still be noisy and inattentive as your bridal party enters.

9) Have your ceremony on a 90 degree day in the sunshine.

You want the guests to feel the love, not the heat stroke! If your wedding ceremony will be outdoors in the summer, make sure you plan ahead for weather extremes. Things like bottles of water, a handkerchief and fans on each chair, last minute seating of guests, or even beautiful and colorful sun umbrellas for the guests can all make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

8) Have your wedding outdoors without a back up plan in case of bad weather.

The stress alone can kill you!

7) Don't bother with a rehearsal.

Most wedding officiates charge for the additional time required to travel to and attend a rehearsal, so there is sometimes the temptation to skip this step. Quite frankly, it is money well spent. If you don't feel you can afford the extra dollars, the wedding venues coordinator, or an experienced friend may be able to help you through the process. During a wedding ceremony, it's all of the small things that make the wedding beautiful, or awkward and unpolished. To many people being in a wedding feels the same as public speaking, or being on stage; it can be scary stuff! The rehearsal helps calm every ones fears by practicing where to go, what to do and what to say. It makes the actual event run much smoother and helps assure the guests will be wiping away tears of joy and not tears of laughter!

6) Have a huge wedding party without taking different body shapes, fashion tastes and temperments into consideration.

A large wedding party often causes confusion and even bickering; especially where the bridesmaid dresses are concerned. A dress that will look great on a 5 foot 10 model type can be a girl's worst nightmare for a 5 foot 2 full figured friend. Multiply that by 6 and you can have some real management issues on your hands! Wedding photos are also much nicer (and more affordable) for a small, intimate wedding party. Of course, those brides and grooms with large families and lots of friends may want a large wedding party. Just be sure to stay flexible and open to your friends desires and suggestions regarding the things that matter most to them and will help everyone to feel comfortable and happy on your wedding day.

5) Serve cocktails before the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony is a sacared event. After a few drinks people tend to treat it in an irreverent manner. There's nothing like hearing jokes and laughter from the sidelines about how you finally hooked your guy as your walking up the aisle!

4) Spend more than you or your family can afford.

Weddings are big business. There are tempting and beautiful add ons in every direction you look. Allowing the spending to get out of control can easily happen. But it can also do great, long term damage to your family. Although your parents love you and are willing to go into debt to pay for a beautiful wedding for their daughter, it is better for everyone's sake to keep things reasonable. Also, going into debt for the wedding is not a good way to start off a marriage. Loving each other, means doing what is right for the long term good of the relationship. After doing a little research on what weddings actually cost, make sure you openly discuss your wants, needs and budget for the wedding. Then honor each other by sticking to it!

3) Spend more time on planning the wedding, than you are on nurturing the relationship.

Not always, but often, women are more interested in the details of the big day than their partners are. You want to talk about the wedding. He just wants to have some fun together. Give the guy a break and call your girlfriends tomorrow to discuss the perfect colors for the bouquet.

2) Forget about the importance of the wedding ceremony itself. Many couples spend almost all of their time and resources in planning the reception and neglect to pay close attention to the ceremony. You are a one of a kind couple. No two people on this earth love each other in the same way you do. Take the time and invest the resources in working with each other, as well as with a caring wedding officiant, who can help you design a ceremony that captures and expresses your unique, one of a kind love. The ceremony is what it is all about; those beautiful moments when you publicly proclaim your love and devotion for each other.

1) Get married to someone just because you have already spent a lot of money or are embarrassed to call it off.

If you have serious doubts, or really feel the wedding is a mistake take those doubts seriously!

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